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Lukasz Kowalski

Lukasz Kowalski
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SC - DJ Goh-Goh by on @DeviantArt

Sketch commissioned from *Shwann DJ Goh-Goh © *Shwann Art © Me ---- - Mechanical pencil mm - Canson paper, size SC - DJ Goh-Goh

commission:Asculei by on @DeviantArt

commission:Asculei by akinohara

Nostalgic Jamz by on @DeviantArt

In Nov/Dec, , , and came out to visit me. Though we spent a lot of time out in Tokyo, we had to get on some Jamz! The first botic dude was done with and.

Emptiness by on @DeviantArt

edit: I'm sorry about adding the ugly huge watermark, but I am getting very tired of how often I am finding this drawing stolen and even sold. The looming, strangling, and suffocating feeling.

sketch - girl 102 by on @DeviantArt

sorry for the small inactivity, ive been busy lately but i drew these ~ sketch - girl 102