Luiza Maciejewska

Luiza Maciejewska

Luiza Maciejewska
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A Jar Full of Feelings Sensory Regulation Activity that helps children get in control of their motions

A Jar Full of Feelings is a visual sensory regulation activity to help children recognize and respond appropriately to their feelings.

'Quiet Critters' sit on desks while children are working.  They are afraid of loud noise so everyone must be very quiet when they are around. :) Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

Quiet Critters sit on desks of students who are working quietly, but they disappear at the first sign of noise. Maybe a reward for the critters who "stay"

Therapeutic ways to use Jenga!

Music Therapy Ideas Info Pam Dyson of the STL Ctr for Play Tx Training gives different modifications of Jenga to encourage emotional expression - would be great for small groups at our bereavement camps