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"Love Story" this bridal jewelry set consisting of a pair of earrings and a comb. Its beauty intimidates its silvery glow, thanks to the use of Swarovski crystals. The combination of snow-white soutache with silver completes the perfect composition. It is supplemented by pearls, crystals Fire Polish and silver hooks. Bride certainly feel it extremely, and the glow illuminates her person. The impregnated, back finished with a delicate silver peel.


"Karen" - hair comb wedding retro boho

The comb "Karen" made in the technique soutache, with the addition of Swarovski crystals, Fire Polish and beads TOHO. Make you feel the atmosphere and used in the beauty of the pen complement the whole. It may also be useful for wedding styling BOHO.


"Estella" - hair comb wedding violet

"Estella" is a beautiful, elegant woman. Taking care of every detail of your appearance. For a unique opportunity to gracefully curls are hung her shiny hair, at the end of a plug decorative comb, which crowns the work. The comb is made in the technique braid, with the addition of pearls and glass beads type Fire Polish or TOHO.


"Enchanted tear" - hair comb wedding serenity

Decoration on the comb was made in the technique braid, with the addition of stunning Swarovski crystals, pearls Seashell and snow-white veil and tulle.

"Porcelanowy szyk" -grzebień ślubny do włosów chic

With a stylish dresser sitting, measuring time to this wonderful moment when you say so. Around the smell of fresh flowers in porcelain vases. You develop your curls gently falling on your arms and glances at this treasure, which Upni the hair, to ask chic in this most important day. The wedding comb made in the soutache technique with white turquoise, crystals and beads Fire Polish TOHO.

"Gardenia" - band wedding hair white braid

Do you dream about their wedding in white, and you miss an original add-on? :) This is for you formed the band "Gardenia" - like the flower of the snow-white petals and unique shape make it blossom in front of the assembled guests and her lover. For ornaments used Seashell pearls and Swarovski crystals and beads TOHO.

"Madam's Sweets" - hair comb bridal cream

Product description "Madam's Sweets" - hair comb bridal cream - Ludożerna - modeschmuck Shop Category: Ślub Delicacies, sweets, landrynkowe weakness wrapped in silk tempting abundance. Do you want a little bit of a taste of licorice to lift like a cloud and dreaming in taste? :) Comb made in the technique braid, with the addition of beautiful pale pink opal, Swarovski crystals and beads TOHO with a delicate veil.

GRZEBYK DO WŁOSÓW "Haze Crystal" silver wedding

"Crystal Flowers" - earrings comb wedding soutach

Set "Crystal Flowers" is a beautiful comb hair and a pair of earrings. Made braid technique, combined with sparkling Swarovski crystals and cubic zirconia give the effect as frozen snowflakes. Although winter is already gone, perhaps many a one of us would like to become for a while the Snow Queen. Comb plugged in soft locks of hair to fulfill every hair and delicate earrings will add the final result. The whole impregnated, back finished with a soft, velvety skin.