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"I am a writer."  #Screenwriting


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Character development

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Oggi su Scrivere Vivere: SCHEGGE DI SCRITTURA 1 – IL DOPPIO OBIETTIVO La forza di una storia è legata all'intensità con cui il protagonista persegue il suo obiettivo. Cosa succede se gli obiettivi diventano due? (prosegui la lettura su http://scriverevivere.blogspot.it/2017/03/schegge-di-scrittura-1-il-doppio-obiettivo.html)
Click through and learn to write a book readers can't put down. Here's the different types of conflict found in books readers obsess over. via @lizrufiange


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Writing Dialogue: 50 Things Characters Can Do WHILE They Talk #nanowrimo #how to write a novel by nicole


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dialogue prompt

Writing starters

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Novel Revision and Editing Guide - The Manuscript Shredder


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In case you need a break from staring at a blank screen and crying: 5 Films Every Writer Should Watch


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We all get drained from time to time. Luckily there are a handful of activities to keep you semi-productive while giving your brain the rest it needs. writing advice | writing tips. #writing #writingtips #writinglife #novelwriting #awelltoldstory
10 writing prompts that instantly cure writer's block

Writer's block

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240 words to describe someone's tone/voice
Otras maneras de decir...
Verbs related to speaking

About words

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an old typewriter that has been written in black and white with the words, they are
The Script Lab on Twitter
"I am a writer." #Screenwriting
a poem written in black and white with the words i once dated a writer and
I once dated a writer...
a woman with blue eyes is surrounded by snowflakes and flowers in her hair
Writing Prompt: Day 240
an image of someones texting about their character
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a poem written in black and white on a pink background with the words dialogue prom
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a black and white photo with the words, you are placebo man your super powers are whatever the people nearby you believe you have
Placebo man.