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a crocheted bag with ghost faces on it and the words, free crochet
Glenda Ghost Bag free crochet pattern and graph by Divine Debris
Glenda Ghost Bag free crochet pattern and graph by Divine Debris
two pictures of doily with flowers and leaves in the background, one is white
a crocheted rug with unicorns and other toys on the floor next to it
Artesanato com barbante: 70 ideias para fazer lindas peças
three bathroom rugs with cat faces on the floor next to a toilet and flowers
three crocheted doily sitting on top of a counter
three bathroom rugs on the floor in front of a toilet
Decoração » Quer Deixar Seu Banheiro Mais Moderno? Veja 50 Ideias de Decoração e Transforme Esse Cômodo da Sua Casa!
Decoração de Banheiro: 50 Inspirações Incríveis para Transformar o Seu Cômodo!
amigurumi doll
the crocheted figure is holding a toothbrush in it's mouth and wearing a black coat
8 Grim Reaper Amigurumi Crochet Patterns
Amigurumi Grim Reaper with Scythe Crochet Pattern
a hand holding a crocheted object with a face on it's side
I crocheted a joint for my boyfriend. Thought you all might appreciate it.
a crocheted knife is hanging on a white tablecloth with brown trimmings
Great Cosplay Accessories – Machete, Cleaver, Chef Knife, Hatchet … Crochet Patterns For All The Knives - KnitHacker
three crocheted pumpkins are next to a measuring tape and a needle holder
Yarn, Tension, and Hook Sizes in Amigurumi — Crafty Tibbles
Costume, Donna, Style, Crochet Lace
a woman in a yellow top and red skirt standing next to a wall with her hand on her hip
Random & Chic - One of One Vintage Chic