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a woman in a bathing suit standing on the edge of a brick wall next to a body of water
A legjobbak is leskelődnek néha
André Kertész 1963 New York
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a black and white photo of a cat laying on top of a desk next to a lamp
Swiss Writer Georges Borgeaud’s Studio, France, 1954. Photo Willy Ronis
a group of people that are sitting on the floor in a dance studio with one person standing
René Burri, Instituto Bella Artes Cuba, 1963
black and white photograph of two people walking up stairs with shadows on the concrete floor
photography by Riccardo Moncalvo, 1938, in Lungo Po, Torino, Italy.
black and white photograph of three women riding bicycles
Robert Doisneau
two people sitting at a table with wine glasses in their hands and one person holding the other's head
Stunning Black-And-White Photos You Can’t Stop Gazing At
Colour is absolutely unimportant Black-and-white photos you can’t take your eyes off.