Maxi Linen Straps Dress Vest Dress Sleeveless by Sophiaclothing

Maxi Linen Straps Dress Vest Dress looks so comfy and cool in hot weather

PENTEADO Chic Minimalist Tailoring - minimal fashion // Jil Sander Spring 2013

いつものひっつめスタイルにサヨナラ! かわいい“ひとつ結び”集めました

Subordination & Dominance- the photo emphasizes the girl and the city reflection in the window hold secondary importance in comparison to her. The reflection of the city in the glass is Subordinate while the girl herself is the Dominant subject

Aline Weber by Annemarieke van Drimmelen (styled by Dimphy den Otter) for Rika Magazine.

Brooklyn Babe – German-Brazilian model Aline Weber struts her stuff in her adopted home of Brooklyn for Rika Magazine. Annemarieke van Drimmelen of Webber

Akt Bleistift Zeichnung feiner Kunstdruck signiert von Künstler

Nude Pencil Drawing Fine Art Print Signed by Artist