Glass wall: art/text

Riverside Clubhouse / TAO - Trace Architecture Office

LOUS Warsaw inspiration

I totally LOVE this, but have no idea who/what/where the architect/project is. Update: Architect Alex Athanasiadas 2015 Project (big shout out to for the info)

LOUS Warsaw architecture inspiration - Turner House

The Turner House shown above shares design similarities in the way that the living/dining/kitchen spaces freely flow into the outdoor space. There is no threshold distinguishing internal and external living space, it is one large zone.

LOUS Warsaw architecture inspiration The Ettley Residence by Studio 9one2

Love this. Combination of wood and glass in modern home. Interior is just as amazing. – Ettley Residence in California Love this. Combination of wood and glass in modern home.

Waterside house folding doors and walls // Architecture, Living Space & Furniture Inspiration #09

Architecture, Living space & Furniture Inspiration #09

These window/doors slide down to create a deck. But what a cool idea for a tiny house. Outside-the-box design how these doors fold down to create a deck level with the interior of the house!

LOUS Warsaw inspiration architecture, pure, minimalistic

Random Inspiration 94

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