Caramelized Apple German Pancakes - I Heart Eating

Caramelized Apple German Pancake recipe - this looks like an amazing apple recipe. Takes the German pancake to another level!

"Peach" Cookies {Pesche Con Crema / Персики}

"Peach" Cookies {Pesche Con Crema ~ Персики} This Italian cookie looks like a peach but tastes like a tender cookie filled with light and creamy frosting. This will be the most impressive cookie at your cookie exchange party, guaranteed!

Croatian krafne are filled doughnuts often eaten during Carnival. They are round and usually filled with jelly, marmalade, jam or chocolate. They can also be filled with custard, or cream, but that is usually less common. The name comes from German Krapfen, and it is a variation of the Central European pastry, known as Berliner.  The recipe for home-made krafne includes yeast, milk, sugar, flour, salt, butter, eggs, rum, lemon peel, marmalade and powdered sugar.

Croatian 'Krafne' which are filled with jam, jelly, marmalade or chocolate

Poppy Seed and Apple filled Pastries

Can I just start off saying that I come from a family where our grandma used to be the queen of all things baked, bulochki/pastries and roulades in particular? Her bulochki (aka pastries) were so s.


Rugelach or Russian Rogalik. Cinnamon, honey and walnuts wrapped in flaky pastry. A Christmas Tradition!