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We are designers passionated about pattern, print and design. Based in Warsaw, Poland.
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Mosaic floor panel, Antioch

Rome empire essay The Roman Empire essaysMany would agree that the Roman Empire was truly one of the most superior and complex civilization of all its time. Those who stood in its path.

Anasazi Pottery Canteen

Anasazi Pottery - Anasazis were the ancestors of the pueblo Indians, lived in four corners area of New Mexico and Colorado

Painted parfleche of the Crow people.

Parfleche: Parfleche,, tough, folded rawhide carrying bag made by the Plains Indians of North America; more loosely applied, the term also refers to many specialized rawhide articles.

ca. 1565–80, Turkey. Fragmentary Loom Width with Wavy-vine Pattern

Fragmentary Loom Width with Wavy-vine Pattern ca. Geography: Attributed to Turkey, probably Istanbul Textile: L.

C.F.A Voysey (1857–1941)

Printed velveteen, Designed by C. Voysey (British, for Liberty and Co. Manufactured by Turnbull & Stockdale English Cotton 94 x 26 in. x cm) Purchase, Friends of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Gifts, 1990