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an animated jungle scene is shown in three different stages, including the trees and mountains
Crazy Arcade animation BGs
Crazy Arcade animation BGs by DanBee Kim, via Behance
two cartoon scenes with trees and houses in the background
Personagens e cenários de Floopaloo (Where are you?)
Illustration | Backgrounds
an image of many different colored lines in the sky and on top of each other
花瓣网---yao-yao--的照片 - 微相册
--yao-yao--的照片 - 微相册
a series of different colored lines with trees in the background
9 Cartoon Game Backgrounds
9 Cartoon Game Backgrounds
four different views of the same area with trees, rocks and water in each panel
environments, forrest, comic, cartoon, illustration, Gravity Falls
an image of a mountain with trees on it and the words from now here visit
Eyvind Earle – via Tristan Bowersox via Joshua Sidlowski via artistic style II
an illustration of a forest with lots of trees and houses in the middle of it
Samurai Jack backgrounds
there are many rocks and trees in the background
Sam Bosma
an image of a landscape with mountains in the background and trees on the other side
amandawinterstein: driving on the 1
a donut shop sitting on top of a snow covered hill
Steven Crewniverse Behind-The-Scenes Universe
Steven Crewniverse Behind-The-Scenes Universe: A selection of backgrounds from the Steven...
a painting of trees and water with mountains in the background
Amanda Winterstein
Deux traitements : Un pour l'arrière plan qui s'apparente au Lowpoly, et un en avant plan en applat pour donner du détail.
the sun is setting over an ocean with mountains and hills in the distance, as seen through a window
Amanda Winterstein
:O by #amandawinterstein
a cartoon scene with a person standing in front of a mountain and looking at the sky
"Trying to create backgrounds with simple shapes and colour palettes" - by Maxime Mary
four different images of trees and animals in the woods, each with their own silhouettes
haunted forests by betteo
the sun is shining brightly over trees and grass in this artistic photo, it appears to be an abstract painting
Samurai Jack background designs
Samurai Jack