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Castle Chasion 2015 by Traditionalmaps on DeviantArt

Another castle I drew earlier this summer, just to practice the style. Traditionally hand drawn and then colored in PS.

Nottingham castle was built by the Normans in early century. It wasn't until after the Nottingham uprising in that a sheriff was placed there, since no one was the owner. Nottingham is famous for the Legend of Robin Hood.

Behind the scene

Someone have aske how i made the floor - here you can see that is absolut simple. I have seen this floor some months ago in the net but doesnt know how he have made it. So i have tried some Versions and this is the reslult :-)

Carmarthen Castle is one of Wales’s most important but least-known castles. This book examines the history and development of this center of government from the medieval period to the present day. Drawing on recent archaeological excavations and documentary research, Neil Ludlow sheds light on what daily life was like for castle officials and other occupants and provides details of their interactions with the town of Carmarthen, the surrounding region and beyond. Included are several…

The book Carmarthen Castle: The Archaeology of Government, Neil Ludlow is published by University of Wales Press.