Katarzyna Katie Młynarczyk

Katarzyna Katie Młynarczyk

This galaxy... I guess / I like pretty boys, cute girls, intersting books and good music
Katarzyna Katie Młynarczyk
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Loki of Asgard ---- One of my top three favorite moments of Thor Loki holds that scepter like a boss! And that smile! :) (After Odin said that Lokis birthright was "to die" at the beginning of the movie, seeing Loki on the thron

Tom Hiddleson or Loki. Either one can come find me, please & thank you.

Loki from "Thor" --- I consider him more of an anti-hero than a villain. And because he's an anti-hero, I have a hard time deciding my thoughts on him. I spend too much time feeling bad for him.

Tom Hiddleston ...OH MY!

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