make me! contest 2014

The make me! contest and exhibition are one of the landmarks of the Łódź Design Festival, and one of the most important international contests aimed at young designers. The ultimate goal of make me! is to promote the young generation of designers during each consecutive edition of the festival. The predominant distinguishing features of projects selected for the exhibition are: a new way of thinking about the reality which surrounds us and ignoring the current trends.
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“Dziupla” is a nesting box for passerines (sparrows, nuthatches, tits, flycatchers, redstarts, and woodpeckers) intended for installation on walls and trees in the city. The geometric form of origami refers to the trunk with a hollow which attracts birds to nest there. A module shape makes it possible to install the box in various positions and create spatial sculptures that could be located on gable walls of buildings, on the model of murals.

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The project has been driven by the possibility of creation of self-adaptive solutions that address everyday needs in a modern and trendy way. Local products – tangible, accessible and visible – are found particularly authentic and sustainable by consumers. The ‘A1’ chair is graphic in its shape. Its structure is sturdy but flexible enough to provide comfort of use. No complex technology is used in the manufacturing process. The materials include different alloys of metal, wood and leather.

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A modern fluorescent LED lamp framed in wood and string is a recipe for “LED IT BE” – a lamp ideal for use in a variety of interior spaces.The fluorescent LED tube is powered as a standard light bulb and does not require frames or additional adapters. These are the main assumptions of the concept of the lamp, which change the existing patterns of thinking about the form of linear lighting and its technical purpose.

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“Kraty” is a collection of decorative fabrics by the “Falbanka” duo – Izabela Sroka and Julia Cybis. The reason for its creation was a search for interesting fabrics with modern design and local character as well as the shared passion for the Polish post-war pattern designs.

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EVO is a project inspired by tradition. The starting point was the Thonet chair model from the end of the 19th century. The bent backrest and unusual placement of legs became an inspiration for the current project. The number of legs was reduced during the design process, which resulted in a fresh form. The furniture’s distinguishing features are lightness and minimalism.

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The objective of the project is a deconstruction not only of the form of shoes, but also of the way of thinking about shoes. The designer presents footwear as a sculpture able to serve practical purposes. The Japan aesthetics of a search for beauty in imperfection – wabi-sabi – provided an inspiration for the projects.

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Fabricia Chang grew up in Taipei, graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013 ,Man and Leisure Department. By looking deeply into the things people take for granted, she hopes to create new patterns to intrigue people to look closer into cultural topics.

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“Stick” is a bookcase based on a pole construction. This piece of furniture consists of shelves wedging on four wooden legs that narrow with stepped slopes. Each of the six shelves has 4 drilled holes of different diameter so that they block at a different height of a leg. The piece of furniture may function both as a wall bookshelf and an openwork partition that divides space.

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“The Domestichorpophone” is a cabinet with the features of a musical instrument. The handcrafted maple wood combined with walnut and metal details is a reference to the classical appearance of a string instrument. When the user pushes or pulls a single drawer, sound is produced. The user can personalize sound by tuning the strings that every drawer produces different chord. In this way the user can find his or her own means of sound within the personal space.

The huge potential of microalgae has been a subject of research in natural science for quite some time. Meanwhile the artistic and creative value of this resource is mostly undiscovered land. „Algaemy” investigates the potential of microalgae in a creative context. Blond & Bieber (Essi Johanna Glomb & Rasa Weber) reveal the aesthetic potential of a resource which is mostly regarded as weeds within europe.

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