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Black cherry. Czeremcha amerykańska odm. Żółwin (Prunus serotina Żółwin). Variety selected and introduced by our nursery. Very late – fruit ripen in September and hang on the tree into October. They are very sweet and don’t drop down. As time goes by their skin starts to wrinkle and they become still tastier, similar in flavour to raisins. The Black Cherry is a widely adaptable plant and could grow on almost every soil. The fruits will be sweeter in full sunlight

Black Cherry (Prunus) — Carya nursery for alternative crop plants.

TREE: Black Cherry (Prunus Serotina) Although it grows large and tall, it can be trimmed to shrub size to fit into a butterfly garden. Trimming the tree encourages butterflies and moths to lay eggs lower, within your view. Because the seeds so easily germinate, this tree can quickly invade in lawns, borders and forests, and grows from a seedling even in underbrush. It prefers deep, moist, rich soil of varying pH levels, but will tolerate poorer soils and drought once established.

North Carolina Native Plants Society - Native Plants Gallery - Prunus serotina - Black Cherry, Wild Cherry, Cabinet Cherry, Rum Cherry

Black Cherry Tree | The Equinest

Black Cherry Tree

Czeremcha - zastosowania i właściwości - Klaudyna Hebda

Czeremcha - zastosowania i właściwości