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the poster for edward scissor hands shows two women with scissors in their arms
Edward scissorshand 1990
an advertisement for pink pantheres featuring a woman's face and long black hair
the bends radiohead album cover with an image of a man's face and chest
Grunge, Art, Poses, Aesthetic, Rey, Ldr, Wallpaper, Even
an old poster with the words etheil can on it's back side
♡ daughter of cain ♡
an old black and white photo of two people in a room with columns on either side
an old book page with the words i fall in love with words not people
an old book page with the words time you enjoy wasteing is not wasted time
Graphic Quotes By George Eliot. QuotesGram
an open book with the words books are the mirrors of the soul
the words art should comfort the disturb and destroy the table written on an old book page
a movie poster for loitta starring marilyn monroe and johnny depple in red heart - shaped sunglasses