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the instructions for how to use knitting needles
Crochet Stitches And Sizes Guide
Crochet Stitches And Sizes Guide
an image of different types of symbols in the language of letters and numbers, with their corresponding
100+ Crochet Stitch Symbols – Tutorials & More
a blue purse sitting on top of a white blanket
WEBSTA @ trapillo_yarn - @natalya.kuzikova
an image of a blue and white clock with numbers on it's side, showing the time
Cheat Sheets for the Crocheter - U Create
Good to know
instructions for how to make an origami spider from the book, magic circle
Magic Circle Tutorial - this illustration helped me learn magic circle. I watched so many videos, but this guide was the only one that worked for me. :P
the diagram shows different types of scissors
another way to make a magic circle ♡ Teresa Restegui ♡