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Maciej Jarzębski

Maciej Jarzębski
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ArtStation - Villains - Count Dooku, Jonathan Lam & Petros Afshar

This series depicts many of the villains known in the Star Wars universe. Celebrating the imminent release of both the new film 'The Force Awakens' and the new Bioware expansion for 'The Old Republic'.

Star Wars Villain of the Week: Darth Revan “Art: Brian Ching ”

fysw: “ The filmmakers didn’t want to explain exactly what’s happening here, but they confirm: yes, that’s a Stormtrooper doll, a galactic version of a toy soldier.

Elucidator - DeviantArt Bastila Shan (kotor) by Elucidator on DeviantArt Images may be subject to copyright. | Optimystique1

Very long overdue commission for Radavik. Never actually played the first KOTOR myself, though I did spent a lot of time with (I know, I know, bl. KOTOR - 'A Moment of Calm'

SPECTRE seriously I still don't know why did they make this movie soo bad

In this collection of SPECTRE posters we have posted recent thrilling and teasing fan arts that will left all Bond fans Shaken and Stirred.

Casino Royale by Ed Burczyk - Home of the Alternative Movie Poster -AMP- More

Movie Synopsis: “Armed with a licence to kill, Secret Agent James Bond sets out on his first mission as 007 and must defeat a weapons dealer in a high stakes game of poker at Casino Royale, but things are not what they seem.