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Cutie pie... 1/2

procrastinating-anyway: “ he’s just too cute ”

my heart aches for your lips against mine and my bones grow cold because you never held me and my whole body needs you.

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❝ you are the adult that has a collection of kumamon dolls and i'm the child who is 18 years old ❞ - in which jungkook is a bit too touchy with his babysit.

#wattpad #fanfiction Comment Jungkook pouvait-il se retrouver dans ce cauchemar ? Comment avait -il pu accepté d'être l'esclave du mec le plus populaire du lycée ? Jungkook ne pouvait pas repousser les avances /sexuelles/ de Yoongi et seul lui savait pourquoi. Foutue vidéo... Comment Jungkook va t-il faire pour surmo...

Yoonkook 💕 but I love Vkook more but they are cute actually I love to ship them all as like " jingahopemonsterminvkook" 😂😂😂