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i thought sassy was only used to describe popular white girls but then I discovered MyChem

"Eat The Fish!"

The guy's face in the tenth panel kills me. He's just like, "Fish? are you kidding me?" I wish this was true because then all I had to do was eat the fish and I would become a mermaid

160701 [SCAN] EXO goods 'Monster' photo set of JONGDAE #AdminNJ ____ Cr…

BRB gonna go cry over how gorgeous Jongdae is / make way to the vampire lord

Chen - EXO

Chen - EXO

Xiumin EXO ❤️

Xiumin EXO ❤️

Learn Japanese - — Reservation in Japanese! ⏱PS: If you want to learn...

Learn Some that will help you to understand the Language and The appropriate timing and usage of slang depend on who you are and the current Learn Japanese Visit Nihonkai

Learn Japanese -

nihongogogo: “ Kanji elements by kanjipictographix (the website in the image doesn’t work, use this link to see more of their stuff).