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This guy is great.

You know what I realized is funnier than this pin? My face as I looked at it. Admit it. You were making the faces, too.--- Omfg I'm dying!

The Knitter and The Manipulator, the fan-made DC villains :3 I SHIP IT

Say hello to THE MANIPULATOR, who isn’t a villain, nor a hero, but someone firmly situated in the grey-area. He’ll commit the occasional heist to fund h. The Manipulator


asfhldsafahlghdslaj Artist says: The Knitter. Also Purl and The Manipulator who is surprisingly fun to draw. Those Knittens were so much fun to draw as well :D <--- My favorite series of tumbler posts of all time :D the fan-made DC hero: The Knitter

The Knitter strikes again!!!

songofsunset: Because The Knitter totally has to make bad knitting puns. Also, I dunno if we have a hero for him to fight yet, so Batman it is!<<oh my gosh, more of the knitter! <--- But where is his sidekick Purl?<<<the knitter!

That comment haha

Lol I go on the Disney channel website all the time. It's hysterical how they say to ask your parents before going online when the majority of people watching Disney channel is teens.