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This is about myself. The only thing your left to truly do yourself is your life. This is my DIY.
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Friday the 13th; Pachuco Tattoo Lemon tattoo; Because I love lemons and I will always love them.


My photo of Theo Hutchcraft. I willingly cut myself out of the photo Jak took of us on my phone last year at Coachella.


T.U.K. Kitty Boots Next big buy. I need these! They're adorable.


The wet pup. Always always always cherish being able to wash your puppy in the sink.


I've met a man who makes me smile. He loves dogs, he loves to eat, he wants to live in a small house with a large yard, and he's got sweaty hands. And at first when you fall in love you think about how much you have in common and how great it is to finally share an interest in things with someone so pleasant. But I've seen the way he rubs his head, the way he drives, the way he talks to people, the way he sings in the car. I've seen all these things and that's when it happened. I fell in…

It's been weird. It's been awful. It's been fun. It's been a little sad. But it's been and I glad it's even something and I'm glad it's even happening. I'm glad I'm happening. July 1st, 2013 I turned 20.

I heard it was best to pre package snacks and meals when you're trying to eat better. So here are a couple snacks I gathered together; Hummus. Broccoli. Celery. Sliced Apples. Trail Mix packs. On the road to a better, healthier life. Laying off the creamy foods, chips, salty goodness, and the breads.

Volcán Arenal. I miss this view already.