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Great idea xD

I lived Lesser Dog and Greater Dog and Annoying Dog (ESPECIALLY when he's in the bone drawer in Undyne's house XD)

From today Golden Flower's are bad ;-;

2015 androgynous artist_name bandages brown_eyes brown_hair collared_shirt flower flower_on_head frisk_(undertale) houdi kneehighs parted_lips pillar seiza shirt sitting solo striped striped_sweater sweater tagme undertale

Yes, I know

Flowey you need to find of your chill, buddy. HOOOO BOY Decided to do a simpler coloring style on this instead of the realistic detail I’ve been doing lately but it still looks like it did in my.

Torieeeeel why do you have to be so sweet?

Only the fearless may proceed. This official UNDERTALE poster was designed by It& available as an offset print measuring