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Young Poles can now play and learn the language together in a newly opened Young Poles’ Club in Chile’s capital, Santiago. Kids and their mums meet once a week and the initiative is supported by the Polish Embassy in Santiago.


But how can we – average persons – be patriotic in our everyday life? How can we express our patriotism and how can children be patriotic in the time of peace? The answers are quite easy to most of us, adults, but they are not that obvious to children. That is why it is important to talk to them about it and teach them about national symbols as well.

Registration for the school year 2013/2014 has ended | Link to Poland

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In Europe, the Saturday’s schools are one of the most popular way that gives a child chance to have a contact with the native language, although many parents complain that such learning isn’t enough intensive. In order to solve this problem and facilitate the teachers of Saturday’s schools work in those difficult conditions Polish virtual schools “Libratus” offer combing home-teaching by using the Internet with learning in Saturday’s school.

Workshops and Piano Concert by Marcin Głuch | Link to Poland

Libratus – Polish Online School | Link to Poland

9th edition of the National Mini Volleyball Tournament for Girls – “Four” year 2002, will be held on 25 – 27th October 2014 in Kolobrzeg. For second time, the Tournament is held under Link to Poland and Polonia Sport ‘s media patronage.

Number of Polish Weekend Schools in Ireland Doubles | Link to Poland

Learning the mother tongue, which naturally entails maintaining contact with the homeland, is of particular value for Polish children residing abroad. Promoting this value has become easier it in the days of the Internet.