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16th World Economic Conference of the Polish Diaspora | Link to Poland

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Poland will be 4th in Europe, and 14th the world’s most attractive economy | Link to Poland

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Procter & Gamble announced the opening of a next investment in Poland. With the support of Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, the company established European Centre for Planning and Logistics in Warsaw, where 500 people will find new jobs.

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Entrepreneurship is mainly about being modern | Link to Poland

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Central Statistical Office (GUS) summed up 2015

2015 in investments shaped by new jobs

Poland jumped to the 23rd place in Bloomberg Innovation Index 2016 that measures the most innovative economies in the world.

Past year has been an interesting time in the Polish foreign trade, full of unexpected occurrences and experiences. Below are some of interesting export facts from the summary prepared by the financial institution Akcenta.

As the report shows, employees can expect salary increases in the first quarter of the next year. According to the survey, not only salaries by also employment is growing in the country.

The annual value of the IT outsourcing market in Ukraine is over USD 1 bn. Employment in this industry exceeds 75,000 employees. Due to geopolitical factors, there have been an increasing number of Ukrainian companies opening their branches in Poland over last two years. Partnership-based cooperation means new jobs and stronger development of the industry in both countries, which are growing into European outsourcing leaders.