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In the last article we were dealing with the documents which a foreigner who wants to acquire a property in Poland is obliged to collect in order to receive a permit for the purchase. Polish law, however, provides certain circumstances which release a foreigner from this obligation.

Concerned about high debt collection costs, in most cases creditors still try to collect their payment for a service performed or goods sold on their own, acting to their own detriment. Expert Monika Toczyńska, owner of the law firm Audix Polska sp. z o.o., writes about successful debt recovery.

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On November 28th in Lyon (France), D2K, a French Polish Law firm organized a launching event for companies wishing to meet bicultural lawyers who, like them, have chosen to be and dream

In order to purchase a real property in Poland you need to go through a number of procedures. Their detailed description may be found in the ordinance of April, 24 2004 and the Act on Land Acquisition by Foreigners of March, 24 1920.

The economic situation makes professional debt collection a necessity. Expert Monika Toczyńska from the law firm Audix Polska Sp. z o.o. tells how the debt collection mechanism works and how a business owner can be helped. #Warsaw #Debt #Solution

The basics of the property purchase process are quite similar in the whole Europe. The client himself, or with the assistance of the Real Estate Agent, has to find the property, and then deal with all the formalities to complete the transaction.

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