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a cartoon cat with its arms out and eyes wide open, pointing to the right
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an animated image of a man walking down a sidewalk with the caption mama mia i smell a homosexualual
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a man and woman standing next to each other with the words holding hands? not before marriage we're only into staring contest
an old man with glasses standing in front of some emoticions
there should be a danny devito emoji, just saying
a poster with an image of a bone and the words oh no, the cheese has entered my bones do not let it enter yours for it spoil
T͙͕̤̥̝̦́h̴͍̤̹e̜͚͓̘ ̵̹̺̩̲C͏̧̜̗̲͈̳̝͔͖h̴̷͈͉̹̺e̵̫̦͖͓̬̞͎ȩ͔̙s͙͎̬̪̘̪ͅe̷҉͕̞̘
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30 Random Memes Guaranteed To Abolish Your Boredom
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gay meme | Tumblr
the simpsons character is holding a cup with hearts on it and rainbows in the background
I Probably Love You 💕
a dog with the words ur the biggest gay on it's face in front of a star