What makes us human? For John Locke it is our memories that connect together the different parts of our lives rather than bodily continuity. Gillian Anderson...

John Locke on Personal Identity, Giles Fraser on Wittgenstein and Blade Runner, A History of Ideas - BBC Radio 4

PHILOSOPHY - Mind: Personal Identity (The Narrative Self) [HD] - YouTube

In this video, Elisabeth Camp (Rutgers University) introduces the narrative view of personal identity and its major problems. Help us caption & translate thi.

Personal Identity - Philosophy Tube - YouTube

CONCEPT: Identity, Personal Identity (Philosophy Tube, A short video that shall assist students in understanding the concept of identity and more distinctly, personal identity.

PHILOSOPHY - Mind: Personal Identity (The Essential Moral Self) [HD] - YouTube

Using the method of experimental philosophy, Nina Strohminger (Yale University) and Shaun Nichols (University of Arizona) compare philosophical and everyday .

Personal identity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Personal identity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia