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an image of some anime characters with different expressions
Da_taro (@Dataro5) / Twitter
a drawing of a person with short hair and piercings on their ears, looking to the side
依田@マリッジトキシン4巻4月4日発売! on Twitter
an image of hands reaching out from the ground
Jirou on X
a woman in black and white is standing
Alita (Last Order)
a drawing of a woman with her mouth open
佐乃夕斗 (@Yuto___Sano) / Twitter
Comic Art, Anime Character Drawing
name on X
a pencil drawing of a woman with a knife in her hand and an evil look on her face
佐乃夕斗 (@Yuto___Sano) / Twitter
an open book with sketches of people in armor on the pages and writing about how to use them
a drawing is shown on top of a piece of paper next to a pen and camera
an image of some boxes with faces drawn on them and the words form simplication
Ramon AO on Twitter