Mitered granny square. Link to pattern:

Mitered Summer Daisy Baby Afghan pattern by the Jewell's Handmades

doily pattern

Crochet doily chart--imagine this blown up to rug-size--use a giant hook and rope or upholstery cording instead of thread

Mitered Granny Square Diagram | crochet again

Mitered Granny Square Diagram

UPDATE I have a new version, Mitered Granny Square which includes a diagram that you may want to check out. To help understand how to do the Mitered Granny Square, here is a diagram.

Crochet doily pattern

Любимые вязаные штучки и все для гнездышка.

lovely geometric crochet top ༺✿ƬⱤღ✿༻

lovely geometric continuous (i. not motifs to join) crochet top. - a grouped images picture - Crochet Factory - Shantou ZQ Sweater Factory - a knitwear manufacturer from China

Pinning for the legend to reading the stitches bc I suck at reading these kinds of directions

How to crochet a Hexagon, African Hexagon Flower, patterns

Crochet African Flower - Chart ❥ // hf I think this is what the African flower teddy bear is made from