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Funny pictures about No time to explain! Oh, and cool pics about No time to explain! Also, No time to explain!


Some people just have too much time on their hands if they're going to pose Barbie dolls for pictures like this. WTF to that!

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So I sneaked up on my dog who was on the computer today... guess it's time for "The Talk."

Lucy, you got a lot of splaining to do! 17 Dogs Who Had No Idea You'd Be Home So Early

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If you come NEAR ME.I will stab YOU. Going for The Boy Scout Virginity Badge? I know it won't be easy.just use Boy Scout Control.are you also working on your Dental and Optician Badge?Did it hurt? When you feel from Heaven?


Funny pictures about Hey dino. Oh, and cool pics about Hey dino. Also, Hey dino.

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Funny pictures about Crack kills. Oh, and cool pics about Crack kills. Also, Crack kills photos.

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The donkeys in Tijuana have their own idea of a freaky sex show. this is how i want my first time to be


Funny Cat Organized Religion Cartoon - The primary reason that cats will never develop a system of organized religion is that they all think they are gods


Funny pictures about Vintage birth control. Oh, and cool pics about Vintage birth control. Also, Vintage birth control.


The Catholic Girls' Prayer, as recounted to me by my atheist grandfather. It made sense in context of our conversation, which was about the controversy over religious exemptions for religious organizations paying for birth control.


Funny pictures about Married men. Oh, and cool pics about Married men. Also, Married men photos.