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a man in an apron is making waffles at a buffet table with other food items
Easy to Make Lebanese Baklava Rolls Recipe - Mama's Lebanese Kitchen
some cookies with pistah on them and the words middle eastern shortbread cookie gharyabeh cookies
Ghraybeh, Melt In Your Mouth Middle East cookies- Amira's Pantry
a glass cup filled with liquid sitting on top of a window sill
How to Make Ghee - Easy Homemade Ghee Recipe | Downshiftology
How to Make Ghee - Easy Homemade Ghee Recipe | Downshiftology
a piece of pie on a white plate covered in powdered sugar and pistachio
Greek Bougatsa with Honey and Pistachios
Dream layers of flaky phyllo dough are filled with a vanilla custard and topped off with pistachios and honey for a new take on an elegant Greek pastry.
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a piece of bread with honey being drizzled over it and sitting on top of paper
Fried Feta Cheese Wrapped in Filo Pastry, with Honey and Sesame Recipe | Yummly
Fried Feta Cheese Wrapped In Filo Pastry, With Honey And Sesame
slices of orange cake on a plate with text overlay that reads juicy greek orange cake
Juicy Greek Orange Cake - Portokalopita - Olive Tomato
Juicy Greek Orange Cake Portokalopita - This traditional Greek orange cake is juicy, fragrant and so satisfying. This custardy and syrupy dessert is a favorite in Greece and so easy to make. #cake #greekdessert #greek #dessert #orange #mediterranean #syrup
a bowl filled with pudding next to a spoon
Greek Custard Cream (Thick Pastry Cream)
This thick & delish pastry cream can be used to fill cakes, layered desserts, and tarts. Or simply served on its own with your favorite topping.
a baked dish in a pan on top of a table next to a wooden spoon
Mediterranean Milk Pie
This traditional Greek milk pie called galatopita is the food paradise for dairy lovers. A creamy, delicate filling surrounded by a crispy phyllo and topped with icing sugar and cinnamon powder. #dessert #milkpie #greekdessert #greekfood #mediterraneanfood #mediterraneanrecipe #greekrecipe #sweetpie
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there are four different types of desserts on the plates and one is in a pan
Greek Custard Pie - Galaktoboureko
This traditional Greek custard pie with syrup is going to conquer your heart, your palate, your soul and never ever let you down. A fine, delicate, light and outrageously creamy custard wrapped up by layers of thin, extra crunchy phyllo bathed in delicious, succulent syrup. Ladies and gentlemen, I preent you the famous galaktoboureko! #sweetpie #dessert #custardpie #semolinapie #greekfood #mediterraneanfood #mediterraneandiet #greekrecipe #mediterraneanrecipe
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a piece of pie being lifted from a pie pan
Salted Greek Honey Nut Pie - Sprinkle Bakes
Salted Greek Honey Nut Pie
lemon and powdered sugar cookies piled on top of each other
Meyer Lemon Greek Butter Cookies {Kourabiedes}
Meyer Lemon Greek Butter Cookies (Kourabiedes)
some cookies with powdered sugar on them and the words kourabiees greek christmas butter cookies
Kourabiedes: Greek Christmas Butter Cookies - Olive Tomato
The Ultimate Christmas Cookie: White as snow-Greek Butter Cookies-Kourabiedes, a delicious shortbread type cookie that melts in your mouth!
greek filo delights - galaatoboleko is an easy dessert that's ready to be eaten
Greek Galaktoboureko (Custard Pie)
You'll love this Greek Galaktoboureko recipe! In the Middle East, this custard-filled fillo dough dessert is known as "Kahi." #kahi Galaktoboureko #Hildaskitchenblog
two trays filled with cookies covered in powdered sugar
Kourabiedes (Greek butter cookies) - Eleni Saltas
Kourabiedes are popular Greek butter cookies topped with heaps of powdered sugar and made for special occasions like weddings, Christmas, name days, and any day that ends in “y”.
some food is laying out on a piece of paper with a sprig of rosemary
Spiral-Shaped Greek Cheese Pie
Spiral-Shaped Greek Cheese Pie. Tiropita step by step.