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YALL REACHING HELLA HARD ON THIS ONE! You know real well that he has no interest in women because all the women in his life did him dirty. His mother was a fuckin roach who beat him, and Rika's snake ass manipulated him into thinking she was his savior.

MC x Saeyoung (Luciel/Seven/707/Defender of Justice)

So I want opinions on the update and what you think Another Story is

Just want to hug them all~ Mystic Messenger (by miamitu)

~~by miamitu on Deviantart~~ Ahhhh .That's the thing that makes me sad about this game: that I can't help all of them in the same universe and at the same time!🙁🙁And I wish I could hug them too 😶

Uhhh daddy...

Me: *lies on the floor and laughs very hard* Mom: Are you alright dear? Me: H-he said daddy!

mam oko na wrogów i na twój tyłek

Memes, Money, and 🤖: spending money on myself: is it on sale? spending money on my pet: ustle accurate