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DIY Packing Tape Transfers! This is such a fun Technique for transferring images, or photos, onto glass. A must try for sure!!

DIY Packing Tape Image Transfer Tutorial from The Graphics Fairy.This is a good tutorial on transferring images from laser or toner based prints to packing tape to candles/glass/etc… This is a very cheap and easy way to transfer images - think of it.

50 Favorite Free Vintage Flower Images! Great for making Crafts and Printables!

50 Favorite Free Vintage Flower Images - The Graphics Fairy These are perfect for decoupage, paper crafts, card making, transfers, and just about any other craft you can think of.

Such a smart idea! Feed old book pages through a printer to make unique silhouette art.

Such a smart idea (feed old book pages through a printer to make unique silhouette art). Not gonna lie, I'd probably scan in the old book pages first, and use the scan for the final print. I love my old books, I don't want to cut them up.

21 Uses For Old Books

If youre a die-hard bookworm, then you probably cringe at the idea of throwing away old books even if your bookshelf has reached maximum capacity. Heres a solution: upcycle them into things you want to keep around the house, like jewelry, furniture,

Turn old books into tags for crafting. Darn, I just got rid of a bunch of old books...

Tags are cut from old recycled books; print off or stamp designs of choice; punch hole, reinforce, thread with string, twine or yarn. Tag crafting caddy - old books punched and ready to go.

Create gift bags from old book pages.

Create gift bags from old book pages. Stamp a bird design on an old book page which has been cut 1 to 2 inches shorter than a second page. Sew or glue edges together. Secure with a brad or decorative button and small Velcro dots.