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Vierno Buffet bird drinker / feeder - The Vierno Buffet lets you provide food and water at the same time, or you can fill one side with seeds and the other with foods such as suet pellets or dried mealworms. The choice is yours!


Water Dish with Birds - bird feeder - bird drinker - Providing water is essential for all garden birds, but especially for small garden birds, whose diet consists mainly of seeds and therefore are in the most need of fresh drinking water as it is not naturally present in their diet. It is therefore vital to provide a bird bath or pond in your garden.

Marjolein Bastin Hanging Water Dish - water dish - bird drinker - Small garden birds need a regular supply of fresh drinking water, particularly if they are eating seeds. Birds are at their most vulnerable to predators when bathing, so they are less at risk from surprise attack if you situate the bird bath at least two metres from cover.

Vierno Dish - bird bath - bird feeder - bird drinker - The Vierno Dish simply pushes into the ground to provide an instant watering hole. Due to the shallow nature of the dish it will also be suitable for smaller birds to bathe in.

Vierno Drinker - bird drinker - bird feeder