Sarah's Scribbles >> You can hurt my feelings all day long, but NOBODY messes with my best friend!

Is tru tho. Someone called me golds locks and I flipped them off, but one guy made my friend cry and I beat his ass into the ground. Well, so did 5 other girls cuz we all defended other said friend

The YUNiversity — Word Root of the Day: "EU" (Good)

Word Root of the Day: “EU” (Good)

Sarah's Scribbles. Snort! I think I'll just keep eating my burrito XD

I think I'll just keep eating my burrito XD. I swear I hate people who are not allergic to gluten yet they refuse to eat anything not gluten free just because. It's not healthier to lose gluten btw!

katsudonski: tastefullyoffensive: by Sarah Andersen at least the snakes wont judge me. but what if you squish them I prefer the snakes but I would slowly enter so as to not hurt them

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