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several seashells are arranged on a white surface
Seashell cups
Seashell decor
DIY Floating Flower Backdrop
DIY Floating Flower Backdrop Instruction The cutest and such an easy idea for your party with the gals! You will need to cute using floral cutters and once you have and idea of how the strings will looks, thread using fishing line and a needle! Hang and you’ll have a very special floral backdrop! #diyparty #partydecor #galentines #galentinesparty #floralbackdrop #partybackdrop #hostingideas #dinnerparty #brunchideas #brunchdecor #diy #flowerdecor #flowerparty #flowerbackdrop cre: Myfourwonders
two green and white beaded frog figurines sitting next to each other on a pink surface
there are many ceramic objects on the shelves
a ball of yarn in a bowl being held by a woman's hand
three flowers are made out of beads and wire
a hand is holding several colorful cups with hearts and flowers on them
there are many pictures of different items made out of beads and beads, including a frog keychain
My hobby today 🥹 So Cute Seed Bead Frog 💞
a hand holding a green and white beaded frog keychain with black beads
Лягушка из бисера
Beaded Flower Bouquet part 1
a vase filled with pink and green flowers on top of a white cloth covered table
there is a pink vase with flowers in it
a beaded frog sitting on top of a black surface
the blue beaded frog charm is attached to a keychain and has black beads on it
two small plastic animals sitting next to each other on top of a cardboard box with beads
Butterfly Bookmark inspired by Yasmin
some red flowers are hanging from strings on a white background with the words laurie's creations written below them
Bead & Blossom - 2018 One-A-Day Project - Learn French Beading
Soy wax candles
Two tone flower candle
Zelf kaarsen maken: de 4 grootste DIY trends
DIY Las velas más trendy de Instagram
DIY: Velas con flores naturales
Shell tea lights DIY 🐚
Craft by: thesundaystore