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Czwarty łucznik w Midgardzie
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Before you throw your old wire hangers away, you should know there are several ways you can make use of them in a survival scenario.

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Reticle Info Chart Every reticle has its pros and cons! Some are good mid range, others have mil-dots to gauge bullet drop and windage. Find the one that suits your desired use.

50+ Bug Out Bag Food Ideas. We can go approximately 3 weeks without food before dying. But, let’s be honest here: I get cranky and tired after going without food for even half a day! That is why I think it is so important to add some survival food to your Bug Out Bag. A Bug Out Bag is meant for your survival, so each item should be chosen with care. This includes the food for your Bug Out Bag. Here are the requirements I have when selecting Bug Out Bag food.

The food you choose for your Bug Out Bag matters! Here are over 50 ideas for Bug Out Bag food which are caloric dense, lightweight, and require no prep.