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ancient ash pollard - Google Search

Ancient Ash Pollard tree/ portals to the fairy realm

crassula hobbit bonsai - Google Search

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pools, pools.... pools

Bonsai is the art of dwarf potted trees. Generally speaking, is considered the maximum height for a bonsai. This looks bigger but is still a potted, trained tree.

This growing-together & melting-into-one-another of tree branches is called “inosculation”, from the Latin osculare, to kiss. An arboreal en-kissing, then, that can make it hard to say where one being ends & another begins.

Moss covered Japanese Maples in Portland, Oregon.

Moss covered Japanese Maples in Portland, Oregon! Awesome curvy moss covered trees of the misty Northwest coastline!

baobab tree; Young Elephant | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Young elephant on Safari in Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom, Florida, United States, by BookGuy.

Majesty oak..Kent England. ..500 -600 years old....what an amazing tree

chasing-yesterdays: The Majesty Oak of the Fredville Estate Park in Kent, England, believed to be years old. Source: Champion Trees of Britain and Ireland More information on ancient trees in the UK.

Página de De Brocéliande à Avalon ***

Shrouded Tree, Seville, Andalusia, Spain - the roots are as beautiful as the branches!

Toborochi Tree

BEAUTIFUL TREES in Aspire Park, Doha, Qatar These wonderful toborochi trees have unique amphora-shaped trunks. It has beautiful pink flowers and the swelling in the trunk is caused by water storage.


Fikus - ficus benjamina - na bonsai - 20 nasion