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stretch ceiling

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Sets Nebulae are an unusual form of beautification of various events. Decoration light is more and more used for weddings, banquets or concerts with a professional set of nebulae. Starry sky on the ceiling clamping the arrangement beautiful and elegant interiors. The ceiling with stars will add glamor to the conference room, banquet, ballroom, or wedding.

Decoration light - the night sky on the ceiling - the ceiling with stars - Lighting conference room lighting - banquet hall - lighting wedding hall

Starry sky, starry sky is set based on fiber-optic technology. To create the effect of starry skies are used in fiber optics glowing end, that create the effect of shining stars. Star Sky in the living room creates a zone of rest. Starry sky in the bedroom as a decorative lighting in the ceiling. Starry sky in the bathroom is part of creating mood and relaxation. Star Sky in the baby's room provides mood.

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