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Oświetlenie sufitowe LED E-TECHNOLOGIA - LED Ceiling Light

Inspiration for decorative lighting walls can be found on our website. One of them is the formation of different designs, which are positioned at special fiber-emitting side surface. Because optical fibers can be arranged just like the pictures tree or any other chosen by themselves pattern that glue on the wall. Decorative lighting on the wall often works in the office, solarium, but also in the room, or living room.

The Milky Way through animacyjnemu generator, which puts colored lights in motion looks great in all kinds of objects of private and commercial. The night sky can arrange any interior in an amazing way. Interior Lighting LED starry sky the Milky Way is an exclusive type of lighting, which is an extremely decorative way of interior design.

Kit lit wall allows free rein to your imagination and paint the light of the surrounding space. Design the wall with glowing walls, a project wall at a very high level. Modern lighting glowing wall is very decorative interior room, living room, office, restaurant or club. Highlighting the wall in this way provides incredible light effects.

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Fibre Optic Kit The web is a solution that will particularly appreciate the creative people who want to create original installations, combining the beauty of light and versatility of fiber. The web is a set of fiber optic lighting, consisting of a fiber-emitting surface side. Fiber optic lighting of this kind is the perfect decorative element in a shop, between the walls, in the ceiling of the corridor.

Fiber optic lighting - decorative element - the lighting in the shop window lighting - between walls - lighting in the ceiling of the corridor

Sets optic space available in the offer of e-technology, allow you to create an original arrangement of the interior, using the fiber optic lighting. Starry sky filling the area around