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Katowice, city in Poland celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2015
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The church of Saint Casimir in Katowice built between 1930 and 1933, as a garrison church serving the soldiers of the 23 Infantry Division of the Polish Army stationed in the city. The church was the first religious building in Poland built in the style of simplified modernism, or functionalism. Its designers were Leon d'Arma Dietz and Jan Zarzycki. The interior is decorated in the Art Deco style.


The Garrison Church of St Casimir in Katowice

3rd of May street in Katowice has rows of urban residential brick building standing in a tight range of other houses and distinguished by the absence of large windows.


3rd of May street in Katowice, Poland

Weglokoks office building in Katowice. The company was founded in 1951 and is engaging in coal trading.


Weglokoks office building in Katowice

Antique tower shaft “Jerzy” remains of the former coal mine KWK Gottwald at the entrance to the Silesia City Center, a shopping mall in Katowice, Poland


Antique tower shaft “Jerzy” in Silesia, Poland

Aerial view of a closed coal mine “Katowice” in the district of Bogucice. Seen are the shaft “Bartosz”, water tower and apartment buildings of Katowice’s district Koszutka. Upper Silesia, Poland


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Street exiting downtown Katowice with new infrastructure of office buildings.


Modernization of infrastructure in Poland

Katowice's market square dates to late 19th century. View towards the train station.


Market Square in Katowice, Poland

The ever changing market square in Katowice. The market square in Katowice has been rebuild many times.


Market square in Katowice, Poland

Interior of ”Spodek” multi-sport complex hall in Katowice, Upper Silesia, Poland

Interior of ”Spodek” in Katowice

Estate in Katowice, Poland at Avenue Rozdzienskiego , built in the years 1970-1978. Those landmark apartments are called Stars, because the basis of the buildings is the eight-pointed star.

Estate in Katowice, Poland at Avenue Rozdzienskiego