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qué es eso?

Halloween is coming and no other animal is more iconic than a black cat when it comes to this dark holiday. Take a look at these adorable black cats and kitten pictures and learn some interesting black cat facts and superstitions while you browse.

DUDE! ✭ Fabulous shot of a Crested Gecko

Fabulous shot of a crested gecko ~. That is most certainly a panther chameleon. He doesn't even look like a crested gecko.

Petit Cabinet de Curiosites

Very rare exotic bird / sorry but more information was not available / assume due to its rarity ( Appears to be a Rainbow Lorikeet ?

Eucharitid #wasp. # insect by Melvyn Yeo

Eucharitid wasps are parasitic to many different species of ants. Eucharitid larvae will attach themselves to foraging ants, who unknowingly bring them back to the colony. Once there, the wasp larvae feed on ant larvae until they develop into adult wasps.