Hikaru I know how you feel . Sometimes your own world is the best place to be

Hikaru - Ouran High School Host Club -- the moment when he realizes he's been a jerk. Hikaru, you're my baby.

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Well idk how to fell about this, i think I shouldn't like it bcuz I cosplay as Hikaru and my friend cosplays as Kaoru. I like it tho bcuz the twins are just so cute at moments like this. Ouran high school host club gives me mixed feelings.


Well I mean it looked normal cuz Tyler stood up and kissed Jenna, but then they went out into the isle and took their pants off and handed them to Jenna. Holding her best friends pants.

Tyler Joseph

It is quite close-up which could represent the closeness the band shares with their fans.

josh dun funny | josh dun meme

person: what type of music do t. me: alternative electro emotional piano rap schizophrenic techno poetic ukulele screamo and your face

Plus regional at best and no Phun intended

Plus regional at best and no Phun intended and also this is not just my music schedule its my life schedual