Bohemian Pages: Winter Solstice. Increasing sunlight brings about rebirth, regeneration, and renewal.


How is that this owl is living in the snow? The owl has adopted to its environment. Nature found a way to make it work. We tend to find ways to go against nature. Let's get back to being one with nature.


welcome-foolishmortals: “ etsy: “ The Art of Staying Aloft: a photo series by Gloria Wilson of Small Mysteries. ” I really love Cardinals in snow. I recently discovered that to be one of my favourite.

zimowo śniegowo

If the town I live in was ever subjected to snow, the little forest walkway five minutes from my home would look like this. Alas, I live in Melbourne, Australia and we have had snow in my town once in the past 50 years. I live in hope.

zimowe serce

Winter season is the longest season in countries of Europe. Snow falling is the speciality of this season in these countries. The continuous snowfall makes layers of snow that cover the ground for day


Fairytale bridge with crooks and bends . woods walking bridge The Path


Red squirrel and blue tit in snow, Rothiemurchus Forest near Aviemore, Scotland (No squirrels in Australia.