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The Hobbit - Thorin Oakenshield x Bilbo Baggins - Thilbo Bagginshield

avivatang: “Thorin says softly, barely over a whisper.” A friend also a bagginshield shipper has created this wonderful pic.

I spent all day long drawing bagginshield, send help this one came from headcanon of mine, where bilbo finds out thorin loves being petted (but only when no one’s watching)


I always end up thinking about - what if Bilbo had turned back that night in the cave? He would have run right into Azog. And what if a scout recognised Bilbo as having seen him with the dwarves.

"Maybe Bilbo ill/injured and is in bed with fever and delirious? And Thorin trying to help him/or restrain so he wouldn’t hurt himself? It's not a thilbo moment!