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mewmii: ““when ya mom uses a smartphone for the first time and accidentally turns on the front camera” ”

I can't stop laughing

I love this momeny, V is trolling the dog by blowing on it, then when the dog looks up to see who it was, he pretends he didn't do anything so the dog is like "oh well, guess it was nothing".// This was one of the funniest and cutest things in the world.

After coming to Jungle, Jin wasn't able to take care of his own jungle at home xD

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Imagine Jimin trying to whisper to Jungkook that you arrived, but he can't hear Jimin because it's loud so he just points towards your direction.

Happens more frequently than it should

I thought the brain was saying the answer was Jungkook. My brain would do that. On my test: "What's the square root of "Jungkook" <<< Relatable


Read from the story Reakcje Bts by villee (I'm seme) with reads. Reakcja Bts, gdy pokazujesz im swoje świadectwo.

They are such precious angels ❤️

OTP One true pairing. A term you use to express a pair of people that are the perfect partner for each other.