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A Comparison of building a Home

We need common sense in building practices and techniques for the future of our homes. This board illustrates photos of problems, exisiting practices and solutions.
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Rain water on slab foundation.

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PV Solar for a whole Community using Carport Structures versus the houses. Benefit Owner not residents

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Formaldehyde Free Fiberglass Insulation

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Newport Beach EMT (Factory) House at Fire Station. Specific purpose factory built use

Solar installed facing South however serious Trees on the East and West of the home. Its operation killed by shade

Manufactured Home with Solar and an EV plugged in car

Slab Leak re-route HOT and Cold Pipes out of slab foundation and into the walls to reach kitchen faucet, dishwasher and refrigerator. Smart to place them into the Slab? I think not!

Slab Leak occurred HOT and COLD water re-routed out of the Slab Foundation and placed into the interior walls of the home? Simple Fix for initial construction. No $7500.00

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Home with HOT and COLD copper water pipes directly placed into the slab foundation