Wrapping Paper – Double Sided Wrapping Paper, red and green Ogee... – a unique product by evaenanne on DaWanda

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Cute hand carved stamp with Christmas sock. Finished in deep red with polkadots on the sides. Enjoy stamping your (uncoated) wrapping paper, cards or labels. With VersaCraft ink (available in this...

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Symbols – I love knitting stamp – a unique product by heitereTage on DaWanda

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Stamp Sets – Stamp set of snow crystals no. 2 – a unique product by Emadam on DaWanda

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Christmas Decorations – 12 red and white christmas tree hanging decoration – a unique product by hyp1_ro on DaWanda

Wrapping paper – Wrapping Paper for Gifts – a unique product by prinzapfel on DaWanda

Gift Wrap – X.MAS WRAPPING PAPER RED – a unique product by GOODSANDBETTER on DaWanda

Giftwrap Sets – fanteria Wrapping Paper Set – a unique product by fanteria on DaWanda

Wrapping paper – ♥ Wrapping Paper "Fox" ♥ 50x70cm – a unique product by avaundyves on DaWanda

This listing is for an additional gift wrapping option. Your gift will come wrapped in this beautiful wrapping paper. **+++ Purchase this ONLY if you are buying another item from my online shop!...

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