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a man in a suit and tie is holding an object with wheels on top of it
Dr. Felix Wankel with the first prototype of his rotary engine in 1957, which had a rotating inner chamber, unlike all later Wankels. Go to vintagentblogspot to read more...
an engine is sitting on top of a cart
SAR940 hemi - 1702 hp on 93 octane! #NivoXL #Nijmegen
an engine is shown on the ground in a workshop area with other parts around it
Uhmmm... Turbo with a rotary attached. :)
an image of a turbo kit on a black surface with other parts in the background
Turbonetics Gtk-450 T3 Ball Bearing Turbo Charger Best Price 450hp Part# 11477(wet Housing) 3" V-band by Turbonetics, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008SDX1HK/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_QwnLqb1M1V0TA
an engine is shown on the front end of a car in a garage with other parts
Wow! Side mounted and everything.
the engine compartment of a car with multiple exhaust pipes
I Drive 2 Fast
many different types of skateboards are stacked together
Turbo. Fuck yeh. Purple
the engine compartment of an old car with its hood open and hoses running underneath it
Buick straight Fireball 8 with lots of pipe
a man standing next to a table full of different types of engine parts on display
Turbos by Turbonetics.